Sometimes There Are Things You Need To Know


Please, read our FAQ section below if you have any burning questions about what we do. If you have a question about our services that is not listed, you may use our Contacts page. We will answer your question/s as soon as possible.

Can I trust the cleaning technician?

Our employees have all had background checks and are covered by an honesty policy.

What happens if I am not satisfied?

We try very hard to please our customers, but sometimes we may miss something. Please call us within 24 hours if something was missed during your cleaning. We guarantee our services; we will re-clean your house, office, or job site the next day at no additional charge.

Why is Black Tie Cleaning Services the best in Alabama and Tennessee?

Simple, it is integrity. It is because of our cleaning technicians, our commitment, and our excellent services. We are a cleaning company who specializes in detail oriented cleaning. We love all of our customers.

How do I pay for services?

We ask our customers make payment via personal check, cash, or by PayPal the same day of the service. All personal checks should be made payable to Black Tie Cleaning.

How do I recognize your employees?

Our cleaning technicians will soon begin wearing uniforms (black pants and a white t-shirt with a black tie on the front).

Why does the first clean take longer?

It always takes longer to clean a shower or tub if it has a lot of build up and baseboards that need to be hand washed..

Who will be cleaning my home, office, or job site?

We make every effort to send the same cleaning technician to clean your home, office, or job site. We will contact you personally if we send a substitute cleaning technican.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. Black Tie Cleaning carries liability insurance. Liability insurance protects you and will cover damage to your home, office, or job site. We do background checks on all employees. We are licensed as required and work in several counties within Alabama and Tennessee. Ask us about your specific area.